Curated by Leila Tschopp. 
Everything you can see when the work is not: the look, the minimum perception, the hands, the file, the story, the present, the head, the others.I am interested in that previous moment, before doing, in which it is possible to organize oneself, dominate and plan the next uncertain act. To be able to see the power of that unknown that appears and be able to move forward to invent what will be needed. Read the future act that tells us what tools to prepare, what we should become. Go foward that new moment knowing that everything can become nothing in a minute. In that cross between voracious hunger and restraint, it is necessary to build a method so flexible as to allow new movements and so strict as to be able to receive that novelty and recognize it. A fence that stretches without limits but that indicates a terrain that challenges us. This exhibition brings together some results of a series of processes, experiments and personal logics discovered and deciphered over a year of work in the workshop. They are unstable and unique encounters, recognitions of a mechanism that has been set in motion, indicating, in each case and in an imperceptible voice, how to go to its center. 

Luciana Arditto
María Colombo
Elisa Dall’ Occhio
Lucía Delfino
Mercedes Granel
María Ituarte
Martina Krapp
Santiago Licata
Sabrina Passalía
Christian Riffel
Federico Juan Rubí
Juan Sesé

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