In turn, and also in accordance with the work of the renowned author, even though the main theme in these series are the relationships between men, the body is still present and, through it, nature. We talk about bodies that bleed, deformed bodies, hit bodies, bodies that want and are desired. We speak of bodies in which nature, precisely, is alive and manifests.A flash that illuminates a sceneThere is the noise. The noise of the street, the avenues, the horns, the people. There is also the noise inside: that of the eyelids, that of the stomach, that of the mind. The noise that does not allow to connect with desire.Someone I love, who lives surrounded by wind and mountains told me, "Go to a park, take off your shoes and hug a tree." Of course I did not; I carry all my inhibitions and shame on my back. So, as I can, just for wanting to do it, I plant my own trees on paper. Lush, bare, tufted trees in mountains, flowery, fanciful, free and tense, with roots that rise, that burn the wind.I like to take things from literature to add to my works. It will be said that it is not necessary to explain the image with a word; And it is not my idea. Haiku poetry does not explain, describe. Haiku tries to describe a specific event, a precise moment of the movement of nature. And that I tried with my drawings, to describe a scene that is illuminated with the flash of peace and tranquility. Stop looking at the smallest, the most subtle of the movement of the leaves, of the insects that live in them, of the dirt that gets dirty after the rain, in a segment of a second in which everything stops and is understood And then it goes!Here I stop and, like nature, try to mix with my habitat, I nurture and cling to it; I take root in my noisy city, in my family with guts, in my friends always present, in my simple story, and especially in a love. I take root in my mind, and I will try to go so deep as far as the noise is not heard. To never forget that, my trees are my sparkles.
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