At the age of 17 I applied and started my studies at the Buenos Aires´s National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, where I developed my studies over five years. Also studied theory at Buenos Aires University for four years. 
I worked my tecniques and concepts by the hand of several argentinian artists like Sergio Bazan, Tulio de Sagastizabal, Leila Tschopp and right now I am participating in Verónica Gomez workshops.
2018 - Urban Museum, Exhibition hall: Tornu Hospital of Buenos Aires. (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
2015 - Emerging Artists at the Cinematographic Research Center. "Fantasy. Reality. Intuition." (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
2013 - Carlos Thays Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires. "A flash that illuminates a scene." (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
2010 - La Casona de los Olivera, “Nature. Sade and his spirit " (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
2009 - Cultural Center of Agronomy University  ”Nature. Flowers. Rules." (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
2009 - Brandon House Art Gallery ”Nature. Flowers. Rules."
2007 - Grow Art Gallery “Portraits”(Buenos Aires, Argentine)

2021 - Piedralaves City Hall, I Alberto Greco (Ávila, Spain)
2021 - Espacio Complices, Remain I (Madrid, Spain)
2019 - Art Meeting Point, at Hydros Hotel (Málaga, Spain)
2018 - Pasaje 17 Contemporary Art "How to build a Siege II" (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
2017 - Esteban Lisa Foundation “Rehearsal room” (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
2014 - Cromos Art Center  “Unanimous” 
2011 - Grow Art Gallery (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
2010 - Brandon House Art Gallery  "Summer at home" 
2007 - Borges Cultural Center  "Levitating paintings" (Buenos Aires, Argentine)

My work is part of private collections in Spain, France and Argentina. 
2021 - First prize at the Alberto Greco Paint Contest, Piedralaves, Madrid, Spain
2019- Second Art Meeting Point Award at Hydros Hotel & Spa in Málaga (Málaga, Spain)
2018 - Selected to participate in the Urban Museum Room Project of Buenos Aires. (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
2015 - "Artist of the week" Maleva Magazine. (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
2013 - Selected to carry out the Cultural Patronage Project of the city Government. (Buenos Aires, Argentine)

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