The art of the archer 
Leila Tschopp (March, 2017)
 This exhibition brings together a series of personal, intimate and shared processes over a year. They are unique experiences: scores and certainties that wait patiently for growth.The common feature is experimentation within the workshop, confidence in practice, daily and tireless insistence. How is that painting painted? What shape is that volume? Think of yourself as a perpetual student of oneself, teach yourself how to do the work you want. The work proposes a drift that is multiplied in tries, procedures and tests. The arrow does not fly straight towards the target and it is not where it should be. Then we have to look again, to do, to think inside and outside the work; rehearse a new path,  turn what has been done, repeat everything  once more and there, in that exact moment of mindfulness,  drop the shot.

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