The world is not comfortable for me, I feel tense in it. 
I sadden easily so I do not approach to pain although I think it is imminent. There are sounds that make me cry. 
I wish the opposite of what I want. I make myself the other way around. 
I like loneliness, I feel comfortable. I like people, but It´s really difficult for me dealing with people. I like things that I can't understand, but that don't bother me. I do not like discomfort. I do not enjoy all the humor. I don't like loud music because I fell invaded.
I don't let myself go. I am not free from me.
I do not finish the sentences when I speak because the thoughts gather in my mind and I find it difficult to accommodate them. Many times I see the negative side of things. 
Sometimes I laugh at things that don't make me laugh and I don't know how not being nice, even though I desire it with fervor. Sometimes I would like to be more honest and say everything I think, without trying to be pleasant and conciliatory
The fear of the uncertain, the fierce, that uncomfortable and violent feeling that the world generates me, at the same time opens the door to contemplation that sublimates in the creative process.​​​​​​​
So, of all this and for all this, ​​​​​ is my work.​​​​​​​
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